What is ClubAF?


Here at ClubAF our purpose is simple …. ‘to help re-define the community spirit’

by … Creating, Luxurious, Unique, Blends with Amazing Flavours


ClubAF works with many suppliers to provide a wide choice of ‘NoLo’ beverages from around the world. Together with them and our own team of Alcohol Free mixologists we create, design and formulate new drinking choices and flavours. These new to market flavours provide many health and well-being benefits and are able to help influence the social behaviours that both non drinkers and alcohol drinkers currently have.

Through education and the introduction of these new choices into bars, restaurants and cafes we can provide exciting new flavour combinations and drinking options which enables us to re-define our social connections, cultural drinking habits and provide the next generation with new lifestyle choices.

Culturally the association of alcohol in life events is embedded into our “DNA”, for example:

* when a new born comes into the world, we ‘wet the baby’s head’

* when we get married we ‘celebrate with champagne’

* sports, notably football and rugby are ‘fulled by beer’

in todays society we can break these trends and empower the future generation to have new options & choices when it comes to their ‘drinking experience’

ClubAF is your dedicated Alcohol Free and Low Alcohol retail platform that

‘raises the bar for the non drinkers’.