Benefits of Consuming Low-Alcoholic or Alcohol-Free Beverages

If you want to quit on alcohol but don’t want to quit drinking, you can always try low-alcoholic or alcohol-free beverages, including beer. These are not just beverages without alcohol, but they have a lot of benefits to offer.

Many studies are in the favor of consuming low-alcoholic or alcohol-free beverages because of the number of health benefits they contain. From providing antioxidant effects to elevating mood, they can be deliciously tasty and exclusively beneficial altogether.

You must have always heard that no alcohol means yes to a lot of water or soft drinks. But this is not always the case, many brewing companies are now manufacturing low-alcoholic or alcohol-free beers as the best alternative to alcoholic drinks.

So, brace yourself because you will be surprised to know the list of health benefits low-alcoholic or alcohol-free beverages can provide you.

It Helps in Post-Exercise Recovery

Many kinds of research are in the favor of alcohol-free beer as a post-exercise recovery drink. Such drinks are rich in fluids, sodium, and carbohydrates that replenish your body of the lost vitals after strenuous exercise. Also, the phenols in them reduce inflammation and boost the immune system, which means that alcohol-free beverages are not only good for athletes, but anyone can get a lot of benefits from them.

So, next time you plan to run miles or hike giant mountains, keep a non-alcoholic beer with you as a post-exercise recovery drink.

It Rehydrates Your Body

One drawback of drinking alcoholic beverages is that they dehydrate your body because of the powerful diuretic effect (increasing urine output). Many studies have worked on the effect of dehydration caused by different grades of beers having zero to 4% alcohol in them. The result suggests that 2% or less than 2% of alcoholic beverages doesn’t increase urine output and change blood-volume level after exercise, rather they manage fluid balance and help in rehydration.

Since alcohol-free beverages don’t possess a diuretic effect, you can prevent yourself from a hangover caused by dehydration.

It Protects Your Heart

Researchers are of the strong opinion that alcohol-free beers can protect your heart from a number of cardiovascular diseases. One study was conducted on men, aged 55-75, regarding the effect of non-alcoholic beverages on heart health. It was found out that such drinks help in alleviating high blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and homocysteine (amino acid) levels. Also, there were increased endothelial progenitor cells that repair the walls of blood vessels.
These heart effects are because of polyphenols like xanthohumol (derived from flowers of hop plant) found in alcohol-free beverages.

It Can Boost Milk Production

While pregnant women are advised not to consume alcohol, one way to enjoy the tasty beers is to choose alcohol-free drinks. Something exciting is that non-alcoholic beers can trigger the release of prolactin hormone to boost breast milk production. How? One of the main components of beer is barley that is a rich source of polysaccharides. These polysaccharides enhance milk flow. Zero alcoholic drinks can also increase antioxidants in breast milk and prevent the mother’s body from going into oxidative stress.

So, who says you can’t drink at weekends with friends when you are pregnant? You still can, just with precautions, which is, having alcohol-free beverages.

It helps You to Sleep

We all believe that alcohol promotes sleep, what worth noticing here is that it doesn’t increase sleep quality. So, the alternate for that is alcohol-free beer. The research was done on nurses that showed that after consuming non-alcoholic beer, participants quickly fell asleep without restlessness throughout the night. The same kind of research was conducted on university students during stressful conditions like exams and the results were positive with faster and better sleep.

Hops present in such drinks cause this effect. The increased activity of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter, that decreases neural activity and boosts relaxation.

Hops can also work similar to melatonin, so this is also a reason it promotes better sleep.

It Reduces Stress and Anxiety

One beneficial effect of hops in alcohol-free beverages is that it alleviates depression, anxiety, and stress. Many studies correlated the effect of alcohol-free beer on participants under stress and the results were always promising. Participants were asked to rate their level of stress when they drank alcohol-free beers every evening. During this two-week study, they had experienced a significant decrease in anxiety and stress

The urinary output result of these participants after a two-week course of alcohol-free beer showed a decreased level of 5-HIAA, a compound high in levels during anxiety and stress.

So, if you want to kick that stress and anxiety that comes every day uninvited, try coping it up with non-alcoholic beer.
Other Health Benefits

One of the non-alcoholic components of beer is silicon that promotes a good amount of minerals deposited inside the bone tissues, keeping you miles away from the risk of osteoporosis. So, when you are buying alcohol-free beverages, check for the malted barley and hops content first, to get the most out of them. Also, these drinks aid in copper metabolism to protect you from copper deficiency – the consequences of which are joint pain, anemia, and weak bones.

Now you know that alcohol-free or low-alcoholic beverages can help you gain a lot of health benefits and clear start your day every morning.

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