Benefits of Consuming Low-Alcoholic or Alcohol-Free Beverages

If you want to quit on alcohol but don’t want to quit drinking, you can always try low-alcoholic or alcohol-free beverages, including beer. These are not just beverages without alcohol, but they have a lot of benefits to offer. Many studies are in the favor of consuming low-alcoholic or alcohol-free beverages because of the number of health benefits they contain. From providing antioxidant effects to elevating mood, they can be deliciously tasty and exclusively beneficial altogether. You must have always heard...

Are You Cool and Down with the Kids?

Wedging! If you don't know what wedging is then you are probably older than 21 or you haven't been out recently! So What is Wedging? It was only in June 2021 that we discovered that wedging is a new trend that has come out of the alcohol0-free / low-alcohol drinking movement that has hit the Generation Z crowd. In the 18 to 25 age group, the stats show that one in four either don't drink alcohol or carry out wedging when they are...